Patreksfjörður, vivid and charming, is the largest town in the Southern Westfjords. It is predominantly a fishing town with various services and public administration. The town is rich of commercial and cultural history, the birthplace of many wellknown Icelandic artists and a base for English, French and German fishermen, merchants and naval mariners in early days. Just a few kilometers outside the town there is an excellent nine hole golf course, as well as many challenging hiking trails.

Patreksfjörður Community Guidelines

In collaboration with AECO and the Icelandic tourist board, community specific guidelines were drawn up. The community guidelines provide travelers with useful do’s and dont’s when visiting Patreksfjörður.

Practical information and port facilities

Name of Pier: Patreksfjörður
Radio call: Channel 16 and 11 VHF

Location: 65°36’N, 024°00’W
Length of Pier: 230m (755 ft.)
Location: 65°36’N, 024°00’W
Length of the pier: 230m (755 ft.)
Width of the canal: 40m at low tide
Height of Pier above Water:
At Low Tide: 6.0m (19.68 ft.)
At High Tide: 2m (6.56 ft.)
Depth at Low Tide: 5.8m (19.0 ft.)
Tidal Difference: 3m (10ft).
Turning Basin: None
Type of Fenders: Tires
Strength of Bollards: 50 max. pull / ton
Security Zone: Docking area fenced off
Max ships length: 170m (558ft)
Distance of Pier from Town Centre: 500m (0.3 miles)
Anchorage Position 1: 65°35.5‘N, 23°59.2‘W
Anchorage Position 2: 65°34‘N, 24°02‘W
Distance from Anchorage to Dockside: 0.4 NM
Location of Pilot Station: 65°36’N, 024°00’W
Distance of Pilot Station to anchorage: 1.5 NM
Duration of pilotage: 15 minutes
Pilotage Availability: 24 hours
No. of Pilots Available: 2

Skyview of the port

Great location

The Southern Westfjords area is one of Iceland’s best preserved secrets due to its natural wonders, birdlife, impressive landscape, rich heritage and culture. Both port of Patreksfjörður and port of Bíldu-dalur are a perfect starting point for trips to the most precious tourist attractions in the Westfjords.